We know that when you decide you are going to have a firework display whether it be a Wedding, Launch Ceremony, Corporate Event, Municipal Event, Music Event, Summer Festival, you want something that is truly impressive but more over is excellent value for money. Well that is where All Seasons Fireworks can help because you will find our prices are very competitive.

Our displays all have a high content of pyrotechnics with a whole range of pyrotechnics being fired continuously throughout the display from start to finish with a tumultuous finale that is guaranteed to leave your audience well and truly impressed. Our pyrotechnics are sourced from various long established suppliers.

We are well established throughout the firework industry and work along side other major companies to provide a network of highly trained pyrotechnists accross the whole of the UK.

Our passion for our business is reflected in our displays. We are ultra reliable with an unblemished track record in customer satisfaction, value for money and safety.

When choosing a display it is always worth remembering that to fill the sky with low, medium, wide and high effects non stop for say 15 minutes, takes an awful lot of pyrotechnics and equipment (hence the prices). Shorter, intense displays of 8 to 10 minutes are more effective than long drawn out displays often seen to be too long.

Our site surveys and risk assessments are very thorough which are documented and sent to you in printed format.  Risk assessments take into account proximity to major roads and motorways, vulnerable property and vegetation and adequate distance from spectators.

Displays can be organised to cope with most venue sites with the exception of very confined spaces where public safety would be compromised. Space is a requirement for all displays and given that wind direction is the governing factor in all displays, it is always a bonus to be able to move the firing position should wind direction be a feature on the night.

There is no bigger crowd puller than aprofessional firework display. So if you are organising an event where a display might be required, then please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.