8 CUE FIRING SYSTEM. The safe way to ignite your fireworks.


8 CUE FIRING SYSTEM (+ 8 consumer igniters. More available on request)

This 8 cue remote firing kit will allow you to safely ignite 8 individual fireworks up to a range of 100 meters ensuring complete safety and at the same time allowing the person lighting the fireworks a chance to watch them properly.  Usually it is Dad lighting them and by the time he lights one and gets back with everyone to watch, most of it has gone off.

It can all be set up beforehand and if conditions show possible rain, you can cover over everything with opened up bin bags and leave them over the fireworks as they will fire through the plastic and will not affect the fireworks.  (we do this or shrink wrap everything in our professional displays.

When everyone is ready it is just a matter of switching on, stand back and enjoy the fun.

This kit can be used year after year and not just Nov 5th but all your celebrations.

You can also ask us for our advice on how to use it.  We are here to help.